Make as driving contact dunks standing dunk
Make as driving contact dunks standing dunk May 13

Make as driving contact dunks standing dunk

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Make as driving contact dunks standing dunk as powerful as driving dip and large individual contact dunks as powerful. Increase the rating for individual contact dunks from 75 to 85 and stop letting every man build get them. Big man contact dunks mean next to nothing since all facilities may get it. A pure center shouldn't have 99 standing dip. A glock shouldn't get big individual contact dunks. There ought to be a offensive gap between defensive and offensive centers. Get cubes and losing the ball on pump fakes. Repair putbacks. Fix post hooks. Redo the inside.

Passing lane beats are the #1 factor that destroys most gamers' 5v5 experience. Among the issues is the fact that you spam while remaining at precisely the same spot steal. Lane steals that are passing ought to be a gamble. Like pressing block by pressing steal in the wrong time, you should be taken out of place. A sneak attempt should always result in an open man. For non defensive assembles for passing lane steals Additionally, it is too simple.I also feel screens will need to be worked out with. I should not be hauled into displays and have an elite get 2 feet of separation.

I think they need to make shooting as builds with 75 3pt should not have the capacity to shoot 7 for 7 from heavy even when they mastered their jumper. Shooting just has to become more even. If u have a 3pt score you should be able to green but nobody ought to legit be shooting 60 percent or greater when no at the league can even shoot that high of a percentage.

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