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In the instance of Animal Crossing, New Leaf makes New Horizons seem like a worse game since features were stripped and slowly distrbuted in updates over years.

If New Horizons is the only AC game you have played (That is true for many, according to the subreddit boom because COVID), and if you suddenly got to experience New Leaf on Switch, you'd be shocked to come across the match has more developed attributes than the current iteration.

Dude, there is literally Mario Kart 8DX, Mario 3D World and other things outside of only the time released games (they already did on the wii/ds, they only do it on anniversary branded names ) and a lot of ports on the market. It's not because it isn't in franchises you want that ports do not exist. There is 15 vents, with 10 being from wii u. And also a lot complain of it and even act like they are greater than games that are new.

And that I don't care about the AC stuff. I already stopped playing it a year ago. It was good while it lasted. I just was talking about the interface and the way people in here view ports.

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