Crafting: You are given a rnadom image
Crafting: You are given a rnadom image Jun 28

Crafting: You are given a rnadom image

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Crafting: You are given a rnadom image you have you have to paint a certain image on a pice of armor. The closer you figure out how to paint the armor such as in the example provided to you the greater the xp reward you get. A problem I see is the impossiblity of coming up with random images; some fansite may eventualy make a picture database. (that migh be deleted it seems somewhat absurd and unrelated to crafting)

My suggestion is an extension into the mining guild. The extension would be in an entirely new level of the guild, requiring 85 mining to get, but it would not influence the initial guild. This extension would have 5 runite rocks, 11 adamantine stones, 14 mithril stones, and 25 coal rocks. Also in the new addition are a dwarf that sells dragon pickaxes, enchanted pickaxes, and mining rings.

Enchanted pickaxes price 50k and receive any ore in a couple of strikes but may only get 50 ores before breaking. When broken, bring it into the dwarf in the mines to fix it for a charge of 10k.

Mining rings would prevent enchanted selections from breaking but when the 50 ores were used up, the enchanted choice would function as a rune pick until the next day. For any other choice (except dragon) it might be a one-up about the select (ex: bronze would act as iron, respectively;-RRB-. It wouldn't turn a rune pick right into a dragon select but it would give it a particular which may be used once a day. They'd cost 20k.

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