Superfans will be at the stadium
Superfans will be at the stadium Jul 16

Superfans will be at the stadium

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Superfans will be at the stadium. In the days of Madden 12, crowd close-up shots were an essential aspect of the game's gameplay, only fading away when the PS4 and Xbox One rolled around. In a strange twist, close-ups of crowds were introduced in Madden 21 and Madden 22 has added them to the game via "Superfans" who are cosplaying fanatics that serve as an official team mascot. There are plenty of such fans in real life, Fireman Ed will not be leading the JE-T -S shouts in Madden 22. EA affirms that it would cost too much to locate these characters down and create their characters to.

Face of the Franchise is back: Yep, Face of the Franchise is returning. Although it's not original, it will tell a different story. The latest version will be called "United We Rise." Face of the Franchise is an intriguing story mode. However, it has been criticized for its slackness and lack of depth over the last two years. Graddy says the version this year must be better. "There were enough comments from our reviewers as well as our fans that they wanted more out of the story and more of the development. And so I think what we'll release in the coming weeks leans to some of the feedback. I think it's going be a stronger Face of the Franchise."

Next-Gen Stats continues into the year 2 The previous year, the next-gen version of Madden 21 introduced Next-Gen Stats -- an ambitious endeavor to use real-world data gathered through sensors on field to provide stars with custom animations and other improvements. Madden 22 will bring many improvements to Next Generation Stats. This includes information on ballcarriers' aggression when passing, breaking tackles, and team strategies. This is on top of improvements being made to sideline detection, tackling mechanics, and other game features.

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