The Medieval Age of RuneScape
The Medieval Age of RuneScape Aug 04

The Medieval Age of RuneScape

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That is 556,385 skillcapes gained, not including questcapes. Did you find any? The firemaking process, I believe, would have been higher up on the list than cooking or even fletching.

New Skills My Conspiracy. Introduction. Introduction. This thread will provide my expertise in relation to RuneScape. It is your right to share your thoughts here, however please do not spam the thread if there is nothing of interest. Thank you. Note in this thread, both the Middle Age and the Middle Age (or Medieval Era) are presumed to be the same era or time.

So, how do RuneScape clash with the Medieval Age? They were also very religious in the time, just like most RuneScapers. But they were open to many religions including Christianity as well as Protestant. This is similar to the various Gods of RuneScape, including Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix.

Another thing that I was particularly interested in was the Medieval Age landscape. Like RuneScape there was a church in almost every town and city. Additionally there were numerous Castles and Palaces as well as lots of Huts or Stone Buildings. Many of these features are visible in the game.

The game and time could be in conflict in some ways. There is the idea of Dragons and Demons, which are actually present in the game. You can also find species such as Fairies or Gnomes in the game.

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