o clarify on OSRS Gold the previous sentence
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o clarify on OSRS Gold the previous sentence

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Also, people actually have dm'ed. It happens too often in RuneScape that I will ask someone "dm?" In order to receive an "sure" answer, or "yes" and always have them go to the bank within a couple of minutes.

Our mains also had pins against our top accounts. It was more enjoyable because the statistics were evenly balanced, so it was a real fight, and it was fun to watch range beat magic, and mage beat melee, ect. This reduced the enjoyment of PKing because of the unbalanced pures.

Is this me? Has the PKing community lost its integrity during the past few years? These are just a few of the many instances I've come up with, but there could be other. Do you think integrity will be restored once the wilderness of old is returned? Or are you just a fan of RuneScape's playground to get annoyed?

A lot of people don't consider the many things that have changed since 2007. One thing that came to mind was: In 2007, I think we had a tiny screen, so the view area was not as large. The camera had to be adjusted constantly. Players can now see other players without worrying about their camera.

Wilderness wall. Dropping objects is simple for anyone to observe. It is simply the fact that technology has improved. People with faster/better connectivity. While YouTube wasn't as well-known in the beginning but it has grown tremendously since the time it was first introduced. Many people trying to make videos to "compete". Duel arena is now f2p. Will it stay this way with staking really back?

The bone yard that that was my favorite is gone. Hope this returns. Are there any new players who know about the old battlegrounds? Dark castle was empty. I had a larger list but it is now empty. There are many others who may have things as well to include.
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