The next step is to kill the avatar
The next step is to kill the avatar Sep 09

The next step is to kill the avatar

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During my RS career, I have had the opportunity to own many various things. H'ween masks, santa and every GWD specific item except SS, Spectral, DFS, 3rd Age Range, fury, each piece of Dragon equipment and armor, and many more.

The way you appear in game I believe, it greatly affects how people treat you. When I was level 110 and wore my full 3rd birthday many people wanted to know what I did to get it.Although I have an ugly outfit, (Mith chain and studded chaps), I still love it.

No one asks me for my claws. Most likely because I believe that people perceive me as a narcissist, so they ignore me. A few days ago I was wearing the above. I switched to Full bandos+claws.

I was greeted by a gentleman next to me who told me, "Oh Luftey, didn’t know you were 120. He believed you were level 40.. My ramblings aside, what you think? People judge you on how your outfit looks. Do you judge others based on the way they dress? I believe that most people don't notice me in my new attire... But I do tend to judge other people by what they wear.

Evolution In Runescape This was an idea I thought about. Soul Wars is a game where you have an obelisk in your middle and 2 graveyards at each side. However, the primary objective of the game, as mentioned earlier, is to gain access to your own team's graveyard. The next step is to kill the avatar. Some guy reduces the avatar's level to zero using an the obelisk. Then, next, your team takes the other graveyard.

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