You'll most likely be looking at the "Price Drops" section
You'll most likely be looking at the "Price Drops" section Sep 29

You'll most likely be looking at the "Price Drops" section

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You'll most likely be looking at the "Price Drops" section. Here you will find the best merchant items. It is the most fundamental and reliable method to earn income as others players know about it, so the more you purchase and the more other players purchase, the more the prise rises.

Here are some tips for using the 100 most popular items that drop. Watch out for 'air runses', which could be risky since there are a lot available on the market. Reserve your money for specific items like armor or ores fish(raw as well as cooked) and other basic materials.

After you find the item you like, ensure that it hasn't dropped in value over the last 180 days. This is because, unless it's a unique type that I will talk about later, the cost of the item will likely to fall for the rest of time. Beware of items that have a price drop of more than 4% within the last 7 days. I have suffered huge losses from relying on these kinds of products.

Special Items(Usually not marked in the top 100) There are some particular items, like certain kinds of fish, or ores that aren't often seen in the top 100 list because as they do decrease at a fast rate, it's not enough to make it onto the list. This is where the merchant clans make all of their money and they'll take around an hour of their time to research prices for items that were well-known to go from the lowest point to the highest in a matter of 3 days or less.

You can use the internet to find these products (I will provide a list for those who are interested) or use an application that will find the most popular merchandise to purchase for the week. Although these items are essential items like food and other "skilling objects" however, they are difficult to locate. Here's my list of top merchandise for short-term periods of time. Please feel free to share this list with your friends so that you can raise prices by buying more one-of-a-kind products!

This is my personal top ten, that I sell with... This information is not to be sold as I'm done runescape trading and I am more focused on my skills. All the best to everyone, and good luck! Good Luck to everyone! (Sorry for posting this in the wrong place. Please move it to the correct place if necessary.

I'm not able to speak for the female voice. I don't know what the person who is behind the door might be, perhaps someone from Zaros. I'm just hoping it's an interesting person, and that there's a reason behind the door. Kill, fight and stab. Keep up-to-date.
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