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Safe Permanent Skin Lightening Glutathione Pills & Injection In Pakistan-CONTACT US -0308-4801361
Glutathione Capsule - Glutathione Pills for Full body whitening in Pakistan
Gluthathione plus is a natural compound found in the human body made from 3 amino acids: Cysteine, Glutamine and Glycine.

Cysteine is on, which is very critical in detoxification plus. Cysteine has mucolytic properties and is powerful antioxidant and detoxifier.

Gluthathione plus is normally produced by the body in response to today’s environment such as pollution from the air we breathe, the water we drink, chemicals and pesticides in the food we eat that causes damages in our cells and circulatory system. It has been widely heralded for its importance in improving health and long life. Gluthathione plus in increased doses has also beed found to have the beneficial side effect of whitening the skin.

The body is composed of cells, cells rely on cell interstitial to link them, the key component of cell interstitial collagen. Collagen accounts for 1/3 of the body protein .

Collagen synthesis requires vitamin C to participate, so the lack of VC, collagen can not be normal synthesis, leading to cell connectivity disorders .

Glutathione is a short peptide of glutamic acid, cystine and glycine that has redox in vivo. It has two forms of existence, namely, oxidative and reduced, and the reduction plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of the cell membrane. VC is a strong antioxidant, which itself is oxidized, and oxidized glutathione reduced to reduced glutathione, which play an antioxidant effect.

However studies revealed that this element also protects the

cells from free radicles responsible for melanin production

and skin blemishes. This has made most people to use glutathione plus

in the treatment of skin blemishes such as moles, freckles,

uneven skin tone, age spot, skin patches, spots, wrinkles

and getting a light skin. Therefore it is the best anti-aging

product in the market.

Product Function

1,Metabolizes carbohydreates

2,Aid in the oxidation of fats

3,Prevents cells oxidation

4,Protect red and white blood cells

5,Builds healthy immune response

6,Protects the system against oxidative damage

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Totally Natural and Mild. Can be Used Both Day and Night
See Results In 4 Weeks, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
All Natural Plant Based Ingredients (100% Vegan), Nanotechnology
No Hydroquinone, Mercury, Steroid, Retinoic Acid, Kojic Acid and Paraben
FDA Registered and Hypoallergenic Tested

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