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Thursday, 3 September 2020
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Dark patches on skin-Melasma:One of the most headstrong and annoying skin problems for many people is hyperpigmentation – in which skin is darker in certain areas. It is, in my opinion, the hardest problem to treat.

The Dark patches normally appear on the central third portion of the face i.e. on cheeks,forehead, across nose, chin and upper lip. Medically, this condition or skin disorder is name as MelasmaAppearance of dark patches:The dark brown colour patches appear on skin and their pattern tends to be symmetrical and form in the same portion of both sides of face, but not necessarily mirror images of each other. These dark patches may be irregular, or may have one patch on the face or having multiple discoloured skin portion.

Possibility of appearance of Melasma:People having darker skin tones have greater chances to have Melasma or dark brown patches on face. This skin problem is very common in certain ethnicities, like black, Asian, Indians, middle eastern skin. Sometimes the dermatologists give their point of view that it is also due to genetic component that people become victim of thisskin problem. Unfortunately, the mechanism of the Melasma is not well understood but to some extent.This is not only the womanish problem but men are also affected by this skin problem

Causes of melisma (hyperpigmentation):Now the question arise what are the reasons or causes which are responsible for this skin problems. hyperpigmented dark patches. Sometimes you care about your skin but still get skin problems. So, there are causes which are responsible this. These causes may be hidden or sometimes we ignore them. Following are the causes responsible for skin problems:· Sunlight: the major cause ofpigmentation because powerful activator of melanocytes (cells produce melanin)· Trauma: is a form of disorder which trigger inflammation in your skin. It may be so small that we ignore them. It is caused by exposure to UV rays. And this inflamm
· Hormones: during pregnancy,the estrogen and progesterone responsible for pigmentation.· Nutrition: not taking healthy food or protein food properly· Anxiety /depression may also cause dull skin tone.Strategies for Treating Dark brown patches (Melasma-hyperpigmentation):There are various methods to treat hyperpigmentation:· the first one is to reduce the melanin production and prevent pigmentation from forming in the first place. Whitening products ingredients help by blocking different steps involved in the production of melanin.· Secondly, if the pigmentation has occurred then remove the melanin deposits from the skin cell by using chemical products such as some whitening or brightening crème or lightening agents as hydroquinone· Third slowing down the production of melanin by using glutathione pills or injection.
The best option – Melamin Crème (containing hydroquinone):Melamin is a skin bleaching crème and provide the user with effective results by its active ingredients especially hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is very effective and is used both for moderate and severe hyperpigmentation. It works with its bleaching and lightening action in this way a better option for a variety of skin problems and sun damage.Satisfactions of melamin crème: Order Info SMS WhatsApp Call Dial 03366541245 Guaranteed Results Satisfaction Guaranteed.Ø It bleaches the skin defected with hyperpigmentation conditions.Ø It reduces the irritation associated with hydroquinoneØ Helps whiten the skin by inhibiting melanin production.Ø Remove black and dark brown patches on skin.Ø Hydrates newly exposed skin.Ø Reduce pigmentation and give lightening effects to skin.Ø Provide

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