Why Is A Township The Most Preferred Choice Of Home Buyers Today?

When it comes to real estate, homebuyers are no longer convinced by the age-old practices of selling homes. They want more information, more comfort and more of everything. Especially in a metropolitan city like Mumbai.

The changing economy affects the demand for the real estate sector. And over the years the growth in the economic sector has led to an increase in the cash flow and the in-hand fiscal amount of the consumers. With this, the growing standard of living has resulted in a change in the buying and spending patterns of people as well. When it comes to real estate, homebuyers are no longer convinced by the age-old practices of selling homes. They want more information, more comfort and more of everything. Especially in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. Mumbai has been the source of attraction for decades and a hot spot for real estate. The financial capital of India is the epicentre of Indian economic growth and this is the main reason that has been roping people in from not only all over India but outside it as well. But what has made Mumbai such an attraction? A place where dreams come true? 

Over the years, Mumbai has been the place where some of the major developments took place. As technological and financial advancement grew, the number of people residing in Mumbai grew exponentially. This, in turn, led to the growth of real estate here. Today, it is home to some of the most luxuriant properties in the world. Along with everything the cost of living has also escalated, making buying a home in Mumbai a tough task for many. To solve this issue developers expanded their range in the surrounding suburbs and areas of Mumbai. This brought places like Thane in a new light a few years back. Today, the long-neglected industrial city has become one of the most sought after places to live. In the past few years, aspirational homebuyers looking for the lifestyle offered by Mumbai but not at the Mumbai prices flocked Thane in large numbers. But now the question is, can this urban infrastructure handle the multiplying intake. The answer to that is definitely a no, as problems like overcrowding, long commute, cramped spaces, hiked prices, etc. will arise (or are already arising). To tackle this problem developers have come up with a solution that offers homebuyers the best of every world. That solution is - Township Living. Now, one can buy apartments in Thane which are a part of in-budget to luxuriant townships. The reasons behind people opting the township living are manyfold as townships come with a community that is a world in itself. The reasons why homebuyers are preferring township living in Thane are stated below for better understanding. 


Blissful Life:

Wanting to live a happening city life without chaos, pollution, traffic, cramped surrounding dampening the experience? A well-developed township in Thane is the answer. As they are built at strategic locations and spread across a large piece of land with a lot of greenery and ample space around one’s house with the finest infrastructures and minimal traffic, one can enjoy all the perks of the city life at the ultimate comfort. 


Numerous Conveniences:

As a township is a city in a city, it has the conveniences one can relish just at the doorstep. From shopping and entertainment destinations to restaurants, banks, salons, extra-curricular classes, one can name their needs and get it at a township in Thane. Sometimes the options are even better than the one available outside in the City. The conveniences don’t stop at just leisure needs but extend towards the best medical facilities, emergency services and top schools. When it is ensured that one can live a complete life filled with the finest things, they offer facilities like sewage water treatment plants, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, small organic farming gardens and much more. Hence, when one is on a hunt for a, be it 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK, home in Thane is the one which is a part of a township. 


Tons of Amenities:

The homebuying pattern has changed over the years and homebuyers are looking for a home which comes with amenities that contribute to indulging leisure times, for every member of the family. When kids want a play area, a cricket pitch and a swimming pool, the wife wants a spa, a gazebo and a swimming pool, the husband needs a gym, multi-purpose court and a library while the grandparents want a beautiful garden, a senior citizens’ corner and a banquet hall, finding a home with such a list is a herculean task. But the townships which are present and as well as upcoming in Thane take into consideration this aspect and offer something or the other for the enjoyment of every family member. 


Security Maintenance:

When it comes to covering the large area of a township measures like multi-layered security, security check at the entrance, CCTV cameras in the open areas, video doorbells, gas leakage detectors, guards stationed all over the area and other such measures are taken up to ensure that the families living there are safe and secure at all times. Additionally, the maintenance responsibility is quickly taken care of in such townships. This makes sure that one not only enjoys the benefits but doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance hassles as well.


Increased ROI:

Owning a flat in a township in Thane surrounded by all the comforts mentioned above is definitely an investment that appreciates faster than a regular BHK in Thane or anywhere in Mumbai for that matter.    

In conclusion, homebuyers looking for smart living options in Thane prefer townships heavily.  

Jo Fernandes

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