Surface Oxidation Of Zinc Die Casting Is A Common Problem

No matter in use or in production, zinc die casting will have the problem of surface oxidation.


No matter in use or in production, zinc die casting will have the problem of surface oxidation. To solve the problem, we should start with the causes of failure, such as surface oxidation of zinc die casting is a common problem, and many small partners may not know how to solve it. The following China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer will take you to understand the causes and solutions of this problem.

1. Find the reason

After long-term observation, it is found that there are many reasons for the surface oxidation of zinc die casting, mainly the following reasons: the equipment of zinc die casting is not cleaned well after use, resulting in many impurities sticking to the casting surface, which will be oxidized over time, or the solution in the casting generally contains metal elements, which will also produce oxidation if soaked in the equipment for a long time; There is also improper use of equipment during operation, which causes damage and oxidation of equipment.

2. Solutions

When encountering the above oxidation reasons, we need to take correct measures according to the actual situation, and remember to clean the castings in time every time after using them, so that there are no other impurities and pollution on the surface of the castings; Improve the pouring ability of objects and adopt appropriate production methods; Clean the metal solution in the equipment in time, pour it with clear water after cleaning, repeat several times, and thoroughly clean it; For the processing of production materials, the impurities contained in the materials are effectively removed, and the service time of equipment is appropriately reduced.

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