Among the strangest-looking fish at the game is the Oarfish

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It could be found in Animal Crossing Items the Northern Hemisphere between June and August, and at the Southern Hemisphere from December to February. Is another tie, this time between two fish. It's located in the South to March. It's found in the pond. The Mahi-mahi is captured in the pier and has a very large shadow. It is available all day at both hemispheres.

Clocking in just over the Mahi-mahi and the Gar is the Normal Tuna. This fish has an extremely large shadow and appears all day. From the South, it's located between May and October. Find it in the pier and market it for 7,000 Bells. You might need some lure to get this high-seller to look for you.Sharks always fetch a high price in Animal Crossing, and New Horizons is no different. It is going to sell for 8,000 Bells if you sell you. It is captured in the sea from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m.In that the North, it'll seem between June and September. From the South, find it in December to March. It has the classic shark fin on its own shadow, like the remaining sharks in this sequence.

Among the strangest-looking fish at the game is the Oarfish. This mullet-sporting sea-dweller will net you a pleasant 9,000 Bells in case you grab it, which is done anytime of day. It'll pop up in the Southern Hemisphere from June to November, and also at the Northern Hemisphere from December to May. This large grey and red fish won't just bring in some hefty profits, but it'll also take up a beautiful spot in the darkest portion of the museum.

The Arowana and Arapaima are caught from the North during the night between June and September, along with also the South from December to March in the river. Napoleonfish are just July and August (North) and January and February (South) during the nighttime in the Sea. All these sell for cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells a whopping 15,000 Bells each and are worth seeking out.

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