Operation Process Of Rubber Curing Oven

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First, the purpose:
In order to maintain the integrity and safe use of the equipment, ensure the safe operation of the vulcanizing press. Scope of application: applicable to 50T- -100T models
1. Check whether the emergency stop switch is intact, the current is normal, the pressure is normal, and the temperature is normal. 2. The mold must be centered when it is fed into the flat plate of the rubber curing oven . Wear gloves to prevent burns when you send the mold, and force to prevent the mold from falling and causing personal injury or mold damage.
3. When the double-sided machine enters and exits the mold, it must be confirmed that the upper machine mold has been delivered and the hand has been withdrawn before the machine can be started; 4. It is strictly forbidden to take the mold or clean up the debris when the plate is raised. The lower emergency stop switch (mushroom head switch) will stop the machine.
5. Adjust the pressure gauge according to the size of the mold and the specified unit pressure. Overpressure vulcanization is strictly prohibited. 6. It is strictly prohibited to accumulate uneven plates in the flat plate. : 7,
8. It is not allowed to use the plate vulcanizer beyond the specified temperature. 9. When not in use, lower the pressure and cut off the power. Fourth, the maintenance system:
1. Lubricate and maintain according to the lubrication requirements of the machine.
2. Every year after the machine works, the hydraulic oil should be discharged from the fuselage tank, clean the fuel tank, and refill the filtered hydraulic oil. The amount of oil should be determined at 3/4 height of the oil mark.



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