Introduction To The Use Of Round Head Bolts

so what is the Roofing Bolts? First let's understand the importance of roof bolts, if our screws do not have a good anti-loosing function

Generation of defects
1) For the Roofing Bolts used for level adjustment, adjust the entry and exit positions to determine the horizontal alignment of the cabinet door. After the cabinet door position is determined, the relative position of the roof bolts and the hinge body is determined. Due to the need for position adjustment, the roof The bolt will be in an intermediate suspended position and not fully locked. When the cabinet door is opened and closed, a tension and pressure will be generated on the screw. After these two forces are circulated for many times, the floating roof bolt will be displaced, which will cause the cabinet door to shift accordingly. The cabinet door is skewed after a period of use.
2) The round head bolts used for vertical adjustment are locked after determining the relative gap between the cabinet door and the cabinet body. At this time, the cabinet door should open and close flexibly, smoothly, with moderate strength and suitable speed. The maintenance of this state depends on the circle The head bolt presses the movable part of the door hinge on the base body. To this end, the contact surface of the movable part and the base body has a transverse pit pattern to increase its positioning friction and prevent displacement. The round head bolt uses a hexagonal screw to increase its tightness. Solid reliability to prevent displacement due to loosening. In the actual process, because the door hinge has a small angle a between the moving part and the base body (pictured), when the cabinet door is opened and closed, the moving part is subject to the pulsating tension of the front and back. Due to the existence of the angle a, the force is transmitted to the circle. The head bolts are subject to pulsating pressure and tension. After several cycles of stress, the Round Head Bolt and the base body and their threads will be fatigued and deformed, and will gradually loosen, causing the moving parts to shift and the cabinet door to follow. Displacement, the gap with the cabinet body cannot be guaranteed to be constant and deformed, the appearance is no longer beautiful, and the operation is no longer flexible and smooth. Extreme cases will cause the cabinet door to fall off, endangering the user's personal safety.

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