I don't find any issue with memorials
I don't find any issue with memorials Apr 13

I don't find any issue with memorials

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I don't find any issue with memorials. I believe remembering your loved ones is beautiful and shouldn't be judged just as something dark or scary.

I really don't think spoiler tags for content that's been in the sport since launch is fair. When the match is out its own out. Anything found in the game after that's fair for seeing. As far as New Horizons go, how will spoilers for content even work when there are two hemispheres and multiple time zones? When items and events turn into naturally available in a special timezone outside of the US, if individual be downvoted for what's rightfully readily available to them? Northern players such as spoiled things all year for southern hemisphere gamers rather than a word was mentioned about it. Yet when northern hemisphere players have been spoiled about literally anything you never hear the end of this. Southern hemisphere players had been admonished all summer because we naturally had snow. Yet few complained about all of the summertime things that northern hemisphere players would flaunt. What's that fair?

Then there's the issue of determining what is new? How long could we need to utilize spoilers? When exactly does brand new content prevent being'new' and for that? Employing the southern hemisphere again an example, snow by mid-July was not new for us.

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