Crystal Mirror- most powerful spell in the book
Crystal Mirror- most powerful spell in the book Jul 13

Crystal Mirror- most powerful spell in the book

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Crystal Mirror- most powerful spell in the book; can only be used once a usage of spellbook; another time you receive an assault, it is negated, and the attacker is hit for the max damage of said attack; any effects (the attack decreased stats or used poison, etc) is applied; reduces your stats after usage.

This set is unique because it has a helm and shield with reasonable defense stats that do not have any negative variety bonuses. The rest of the set would be only under black dragon hide. Requires 65 protection and 65 range to wear. For melee there is the armor of Selen. This armor has slightly worse stats afterward dharok's armor. It's unique as it offers small attack and strength bonuses (less power bonuses than Bandos plate, tassets and helm of Neitiznot). There's no shield included. Every one of these sets cost 50,000 points plus one mil.

Ok, for my preceding topic about an idea to get a goblin quest, I said Yubiusk and how you are able to go there to kill orcs or perform farming, or whatever, right? Well, I got thinking, what if there was an entire mini game ?

After Oldak discovers how to go to Yubiusk, two portals to this airplane open up elsewhere on the planet, and are found by two feuding goblins. These goblins see an empty world. Their portal sites accept them far from where you're in the quest. Tired of being defeated all the time in this particular one, they decide to go to this planet and build a town. Since they hate each other however, naturally a group against team minigame forms.

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