They rank 26th in NFL history
They rank 26th in NFL history Aug 09

They rank 26th in NFL history

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Along with Miller's overall rating of 93, Miller also earned an 86 for speed, 88 for acceleration, an 88 for agility, a with 93 points for awareness as well as a 92 in the fight.Do you respect or are you disrespectful to other people?

Miller's top 10 ranking is not surprising. Madden 22 was respectful of the overall 93 ranking. But Miller's placement in the second half of the top 10 is uncertain.

Miller's tendon injuries could be the reason he missed the last season. However, those kinds of stories shouldn't be valid in the world of sports after Adrian Peterson came back from an ACL, MCL, and meniscus tear. Then, he took off for more than 2,000 yards completed, and then ran that idea to the floor.

Perhaps Miller has fallen a step? Sure, but one can as well say that they can fly. If you take a look at the tape, Miller is still top 5 when it comes off the edge, and the data backs that up.

Miller has been recognized with more than 106 sacks over 135 games. They rank 26th in NFL history. They are currently ranked 2nd with respect to active players, just like Terrell Sugs who has played in 244 games.

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