Who has been unable to show up
Who has been unable to show up Sep 29

Who has been unable to show up

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And yet, Jones is in camp in any case, and from what we have seen so far, it appears that wearing Cardinals red remains the goal. There has to be a convincing case to not play with J.J. Watt.

It's also an enormous difference to be playing the season without Jones and in 2022 playing with Larry Fitzgerald, who has been unable to show up. Fitzgerald's impact is more emotional at this point rather than productive in comparison to Jones.

Training camp has only just started, and for the moment, Watt and Jones are still in the Valley. Jones's final year of contract is not going to be forgotten. Since coming to Arizona Jones has made numerous attempts to make income.

Cardinals fans are likely to hope that an extension to their contract is granted in the near future, if it happens. It's not a good image for the front office in the event that Jones is let go and the Cardinals haven't yet become a formidable playoff potential.

Jones has many advantages over Watt in Madden like his speed, stamina and power moves. Watt however, on the one however, has more strength along with toughness and, most of all release. Watt's release number is an astonishing 62, while Jones' is listed as the 15th.

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