David Booth
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Reliable Trust Lawyer

You need to trust lawyer, If you are concerned about protecting your money, property and investments then you need to put in place some form of asset protection like a will or family trust. It may be prudent to have both. Unless you have a Will, your assets will be distributed to family members according to New Zealand's law governing intestate estates - and the distribution may not be in accordance with your wishes. When you have a Will prepared by Booth Law, you can have certainty that your concerns will be listened to. We also have systems for following up with you if there are changes to legislation that may affect your Will, and for maintaining contact with you so that your Will is kept current. If you are in business, your home and other significant assets are better protected if they are held in Trust. Protecting your assets from relationship break ups: assets held in a Trust are normally not treated as "relationship property" For More Info, visit the link:- https://www.boothlaw.co.nz/wills-and-family-trusts