Precautions For Use Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

the magnetic field of the X-ray Orientation Analyzer will generate a magnetic field to the human body and cause certain damage to the human body when working.

The human body contains magnetism, so when the human body is in an electromagnetic field, the conductivity of the human body causes current to flow into the earth through the skin, and the magnetic field may affect iron molecules in blood when passing through the human body.  Electric field passing through skin may cause skin diseases such as eczema.  Some people say that women who often use computers are prone to skin aging.  Similarly, people realize that electromagnetic waves are more harmful to blood cells, reproductive organs, lymph and other tissues with faster cell proliferation and children.  Therefore, the magnetic field of the X-ray Orientation Analyzer will generate a magnetic field to the human body and cause certain damage to the human body when working. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following requirements when working with the X-ray orientation analyzer:

  1. Attention to Thermal Effect of X-ray Orientation Analyzer Some people have done this kind of animal experiment and irradiated 2450MHZ electromagnetic wave (belonging to the frequency range of microwave oven) on rabbit eyes for 10 minutes. As a result, cataract phenomenon began to appear.  Testicular temperature of male germ cell aggregates is relatively low relative to body temperature (about 36℃), and is very sensitive to heat.  The increase in temperature has a decisive effect on the germ cells undergoing meiosis.
    Second, pay attention to the stimulation of the flaw detector on the human body. The current flowing to the human body from outside causes abnormalities in the nerve excitation conduction system and the biological circuit system of the muscle movement system, thus causing some changes in the human body.  This external current stimulates nerve cells to produce an electric shock sensation, while stimulating muscles produces muscle contraction or muscle voluntary movement.  Stimulating the myocardium softens the ventricle, stops the heart beating, and stimulates the respiratory muscle to stop breathing.
    Third, pay attention to the influence of non-thermal action of the flaw detector on non-thermal action, which is difficult to confirm at present and therefore cannot be clearly explained.  When the cerebral cortex of chickens and cats was exposed to UHF and VHF with low frequency modulation, calcium ions were found to flow out.  Information transmission, immune system function and cell proliferation cannot be separated from calcium ions.  Experimental results show that low frequency of 50-60HZ also makes calcium ions flow out.  It can be seen that ordinary household appliances (60HZ) are also harmful to human body.

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