The hostile factions of World of Warcraft have begun a new threat

During these 10 years, players have been fighting Scarlet threat.

World of Warcraft players often deal with fighting gods, monsters and dragons, but while we are waiting for the next expansion mission Shadowlands, some attentive fans have discovered a new threat is brewing. Scarlet Brotherhood was our hostile faction from the WOW Classic Gold beginning of the game, and now they are brewing a huge conspiracy.
During these 10 years, players have been fighting Scarlet threat. At launch, these Crusaders acted as a religious military force, and they were committed to killing all undead in their kingdom. The problem is that these undead have been rescued from the evil Lich King, who has promoted them to the army, and has now become love creatures who only want to be left alone. This means that Scarlet Crusade is undergoing a genocide and players must stop them.
Crusade returned to the wrath of Lich King, and the players defeated them once and for all. Since that time, they have become the shadow of their former self. They have neither an army nor land. In fact, they are some flower shelves, similar to some powerful decaying artifacts or clumsy giant castles full of intimidation.
But I have never been afraid of them. They have found a new strategy to spread false news and conspiracy in the form of four publicity brochures that can be read worldwide. Have you heard of Banshee ’s killing of Forsaken? It ’s fake, there is no massacre, but Anduin hopes you can believe it. This also reminds us well that Azeroth's NPC can only get a small amount of truth. As a player, when we read all the books and watch all the Classic WOW Gold cutscenes, we have a good understanding of what is happening in the game, but this is not in line with the latest publicity.
This is a fascinating conflict that breaks the norms of previous World of Warcraft opponents. We have seen tricky or secret characters in this situation before, but in the end they are always defeated by us, which will be a battle we cannot stop.

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