Specific Properties Of Basic Copper Carbonate

The special physical and chemical properties of Basic Copper Chloride make it have more and more application potential

Copper is a transition metal element, which has a special electronic structure different from other group metals and has the characteristics of obtaining and losing electrons.  It is widely used in the field of catalysts.  As biomass energy, the improvement of energy release efficiency in organic chemical reactions depends on the rapid and complete oxidation conversion of methanol.  The catalytic activity of methanol oxidation reaction shows that the catalytic activity of copper oxide is much higher than that of conventional catalyst.  The conversion rate of methanol can reach 90% at 210-220°C;  The use of copper oxide can catalyze the chemiluminescence of amino acids, which is commonly used in the field of biological science.  Luo Mingfeng and others found that the catalytic performance of copper oxide was purer than that of analytical CuO, while Cu2+increased by 5.65 times and 4.51 times respectively.  It is also found that copper oxide can be used to improve the sensitivity of amino acid chemiluminescence detection, which is of great significance for amino acid detection.

Antibacterial Properties of Basic Copper Carbonate Research shows that under the excitation of energy light larger than the forbidden band width, O2 and H2O in the environment can react with generated hole electron pairs to generate free radicals, such as reactive oxygen species, which react chemically with organic substances in the battery.  Cells are decomposed to achieve the purpose of antibacterial.  Pratibha Pandey et al.  Antibacterial tests were carried out on basic copper carbonate.  Mahapatra et al.  The basic copper carbonate with particle size of 80-160 nm is prepared by liquid phase method.  At the same time, the results show that copper oxide has good antibacterial ability against Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The special physical and chemical properties of Basic Copper Chloride make it have more and more application potential, and with the development of technology, the preparation method and application research of basic copper carbonate are very active.

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