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ISO 9001 implementation helps in consistently meeting requirements and future needs and expectation poses a challenge for organization in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment.

ISO 9001 implementation helps in consistently meeting requirements and future needs and expectation poses a challenge for organization in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment. To achieve this objective, the organization might find it necessary to adopt various forms of improvement in addition to correction and continual improvement,iso certification in iraqsuch as breakthrough change, innovation and reorganization. The quality management systems requirements specified in this International Standards are complementary to requirements for products and services. This International Standards employs the process approach, which incorporates the Plan-Do Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk- based thinking.iso 9001 certification in iraqThe process approach enables an organization to plan its processes and their interactions. The PDCA cycle enables an organization to ensure that its processes are adequately resourced and managed, and that opportunities for improvement are determined and acted on.

The key purposes of a quality management system are to act as a preventive tool. Consequently, this International Standard does not have a separate clause or subclause on preventive action.iso 14001 certification in iraqThe concept of preventive action is expressed through the use of risk-based thinking in formulating quality management system requirements. The risk-based thinking applied in this International Standard has enabled some reduction in prescriptive requirements and their replacement by performance-based requirements. There is greater flexibility than in ISO 9001:2008 in the requirements for processes, documented information and organizational responsibilities.


The organization shall analyse and evaluate appropriate data and information arising from monitoring and measurement. The results of analysis shall be used to evaluate:

  • conformity of products and services;
  • the degree of customer satisfaction;
  • the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • if planning has been implemented effectively;
  • the effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities;
  • the performance of external providers;
  • the need for improvements to the quality management system.

ISO 27001 certification in iraqStandard consist of Risk assessment and risk treatment plans includes terms and conditions. ISMS must be designed within the context of and to meet the individual requirements of each organisation. Not only does every organisation have its own specific business model, objectives, unique selling features and culture, it also has its different appetites for risk. In other words, something that one organisation sees as a threat that it must deflect, another might see as an opportunity that it should grasp. Similarly, one organisation may be less prepared to invest in defences against an identified risk than another. For this and other reasons, every organisation that implements an ISMS must do so against the results of a risk assessment whose methodology, findings and recommendations have been approved by the board of directors.

Quality of products in globalized markets is, in the aggregate, examined by customer loyalty. Acquiring the certificate according to the ISO standards presents an assessed quality and safe selection because of globally accepted quality standards adhered in it. Certification of specific management system according to the ISO standards will mark the quality outwards and at the same time it will improve internal operation of the organization, its processes will be more effective and efficient, level of responsibility and competence will be formalized, procedures will be more exact and clear thanks to managed documentation. Certificate of functional management system helps organizations compete for contracts in globalized markets


the analyses and comparison of similarities and differences of significant elements of the ISO standards were carried. Based on these analyses we can confirm the hypothesis that issued and forthcoming revisions of these standards facilitate the implementation of sub-systems of integrated management systems. A concept of innovative model for the implementationiso 45001 certification in iraqand maintaining various-designed integrated management systems for organizations regardless of their size and field of economic activity has been designed by synthesis of the results of the analyses. The best operating system for management can be integrated management system with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standard. Comparing the differences and common significant features of the revised standards and propose IMS with more significant practical benefits for the organization. The output of our research is a practical guide for building IMS according to revised ISO standard.

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