The Definitive Guide to ISO Certification in phillipines

ISO certification in Philippines place a very major role in bringing the success to the organisation. The economic condition of the organisation is the most important factor in order to maintain the stability for a long run

Integrated management system iso 9001 and 27001 in philippines

ISO certification in Philippines place a very major role in bringing the success to the organisation. The economic condition of the organisation is the most important factor in order to maintain the stability for a long run.ISO certification in Philippinesimplementation in any organisation will help it certainly to have a market value in order to obtain the project. ISO published information security management system in order to protect the data of the organisation within the walls. The organisation will have a lot amount of confidence in its administration and infrastructural management when they go for the implementation of ISO 27001 standard. There are millions of organisations who has already certified with ISO 9001 standard which is famously called as mother of all International standards. International organisation for standardization was established on 23rd of February 1947 by a group of delegates having the purpose of building a common structure organisation in many countries. Implementation of any ISO standard in the company will help them to achieve the Global recognition and international data exchange. ISO is having their headquarters in Geneva Switzerland and there are over 20,000 different standards has already been published by ISO. There are 164 member bodies are associated with international organisation for standardization which means in all the countries there can only be one-member body have the association with ISO. Across the globe there are 64 countries where the ISO is accepted and recognised as one of the famous tools for the management system Run.

The company has a designated Senior Management Representative who is responsible for the maintenance and review of the Quality Management Systems.ISO 9001 certification in PhilippinesThe ongoing activities of your organization are reviewed regularly and that any required corrective action is adequately implemented and reviewed to establish an effective preventative process. Measurement of our performance against our declared Quality and Information Security Objectives is undertaken. Resources needed for the Business Management System are available and employees have the necessary training, skills and equipment to effectively carry out their work. Internal audits are conducted regularly to review progress and assist in the improvement of processes and procedures. Objectives are reviewed and, if necessary amended, at regular Management Review meetings and the performance communicated to all staff. The information security policy and objectives are established in line with the strategic direction of the organisation and that intended outcome(s) are achieved. the Business Management System is integrated into the organisations business processes. Communication covering the importance of the effective Business Management System and conformance to the Business Management System requirements is in place.ISO 14001 certification in PhilippinesContinual improvement is promoted. The contribution of persons involved in the effectiveness of the Business Management System is achieved by engaging, directing and supporting persons and other management roles within their area of responsibility.

Once the supplier is engaged, the quality of service is reviewed yearly based on the following KPIs:

Performance: efficiency and delivery of contractually agreed services

Incidents: events that have negatively impacted our business

Billing: accuracy and timeliness of billing, order processing, prices, etc

Quality: supplier responsiveness, customer service, supplier knowledge, etc

Local suppliers/SME whose reputation cant be verified online are also checked via the Supplier Quality Questionnaire, to be sent on a yearly basis.

An internal audit schedule is prepared on an annual basis year and covers the requirements of anyISO 27001 certification in Philippinesstandards against which your organization will be assessed. Internal audits are carried out through risk or clause based auditing. Appropriate personnel are allocated to complete the internal audits and must record appropriate evidence for completeness. All audits completed must be authorised by Top Management as complete once any non-conforming areas have been dealt with (without any undue delay). Internal audit documentation must be kept and filed appropriately.

Integrated management system in the organisation will help them to achieve many international standards implementations within less time and involving less amount of money. The client requirements state the implementation of information security management system is as important as the quality management system.ISO 45001 certification in PhilippinesThen the organisation can easily opt for the implementation of integrated management system. In the year 2013 international organisation for standardization decided to have a common implementation purpose of international standards. This led to the establishment of High-level structure (HLS) which helps the consultant to implement many standards at a time with regular basic manners. This consist of 10 common in all the major only known five International standards and more. ISO 9001 standard and ISO 27001 standard comes under this segment and makes implementation easier for both the employees in the organisation and the consultant of Factocert.

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