Protect and Send a Fragile Package with Proper Packaging

Protect and Send a Fragile Package with Proper Packaging

To send a fragile package, it is important to protect its contents. The best is to wrap each item separately. Moreover, separating them from each other within your box / cardboard will prevent them from colliding during transport. We recommend that each item be placed 5cm apart, with protective material to fill the empty spaces. You make sure that there is no movement within your package that can suffer shocks and vibrations during transport.

In addition to the proper protective equipment it is important to take into account the container in which you will dispose your items. This ensures that your objects do not move and break during the journey. Choose the right size: the cardboard must be neither too big nor too small.

Bubble wrap

Do not use any material to protect your shipment. Avoid newsprint and prefer the bubble paper that is best suited to protect and avoid the breakage of light objects. Feel free to wrap each item in several layers and make sure each corner is well covered.

Air pockets

If your items are very light, you can use the air pockets. But in this case, be careful that none of your objects have sharp or sharp edges which would tend to pierce these pockets and thus make the protection ineffective. In addition, for international shipments subject to air transport, this type of protection would be unsuitable because possibly subject to deflation.


Another option: polystyrene balls. These are not particularly suitable for flat objects that would tend to move or electronic items because the static electricity they generate could damage them.

Foam pieces

You can also consider using foam parts but these are often custom-made to match the perfect shape of the object to be shipped.

In conclusion, for your parcel to arrive without an embouchment at destination, pay attention to its content and choose the most appropriate packaging and protections.


The shipping of medical and pharmaceutical materials and products requires strict standards to ensure their protection and maintenance of quality during transport. Creopack's medical and pharmaceutical packaging meets quality control processes in line with mandatory specifications, such as temperature control.

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At Creopack, we understand that medical and pharmaceutical packaging must offer maximum protection to meet the highest standards of health care and product shipping. State-of-the-art medical equipment and medications must be received in perfect condition so that they can have the desired healing results.

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