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First of all, what everyone is most familiar with is the use of Copper Acetate in medicine. In the field of medicine,

      First of all, what everyone is most familiar with is the use of Copper Acetate in medicine. In the field of medicine, Copper Acetate can adjust the acid-base balance in the human body, thereby restoring the normal function of the nerves. Using this product to adjust the pH balance and exert the normal work of the muscles has a very important role. Using this product can prevent and resist the occurrence of low sodium syndrome, and can also be used as a food additive.
    It has also been very developed in terms of water quality treatment. At present, many users use it as a stabilizer for water quality treatment. Because it has a good corrosion and scale inhibition effect, it is used as a water quality stabilizer. It can also be used in the circulating cold water shortage system of the petroleum industry, low-pressure boilers, internal combustion engine cooling water and other treatment agents. It's because he has some excellent characteristics:

    1 It has a good coordination effect and can be formulated with many substances, such as silicon, tungsten, molybdenum, nitrite, phosphorus, etc. According to the phenomenon of coordination, the corrosion inhibition effect is greatly improved.

    2 It is different from general corrosion inhibitors because it increases corrosion inhibitors with the increase of temperature, while corrosion inhibitors are different. Corrosion inhibitors decrease with the increase of temperature, sometimes even completely. Failure, this phenomenon is completely opposite to Copper Acetate, for example: in the experiment of carbon steel and other materials, the temperature rises from 77℃ to 120℃, and the buffer rate increases by more than 5% on average. Therefore, the peculiar characteristics of Copper Acetate are ideal for use as a corrosion inhibitor.

    3Strong anti-scaling ability: It has strong complexing ability to calcium, magnesium and iron. According to this characteristic, it is said that it has strong anti-scaling ability.

    4Copper Acetate also has the effect of eliminating pollution, because it has the effect of corrosion and scale inhibitor, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating pollution. This is the effect that other ordinary corrosion and scale inhibitors cannot achieve. It is also incomparable.

    Copper Acetate from Copper Acetate Manufacturers has the following advantages when used as a concrete admixture:
   1. With Copper Acetate, the W/C ratio can be reduced, which can increase the strength of concrete. This is a high-quality concrete.
  2. Large and heavy pouring works are difficult to construct. Due to the addition of Copper Acetate, the improvement of concrete workability and the delay of setting time can avoid the formation of joints on the structure, and as a result, the structural strength can be improved.
  3. It is important to keep the W/C ratio constant and improve workability in hot areas. A large amount of Copper Acetate was used when building bridges in the Middle East.
  4. Adding Copper Acetate to the concrete mixture can delay the setting time, which is very important for long and difficult pouring.

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