World of Warcraft's test servers are invaded by the zombie plague

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One event in Shadowlands lost control, when Shadowlands' pre-expansion event just reached the public test server.

Players of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands are invaded by an incredibly huge zombie plague, which is when the large-scale pre-expansion event of "World of Warcraft: Shadowland" was carried out on the test server. The result of this is that the capital of Azeroth has become an undead wasteland. You will see hundreds of zombies wandering in the streets. They will devour any NPC they can see and turn them into undead creatures. Players near them may be infected, giving them a special regionality, and the infected players will attack other players. This is a doubling trend, and it is obvious that Azeroth is in chaos.

However, it should be noted that this phenomenon occurred on the public test server, not in the real-time version of the game. Blizzard is testing some upcoming changes in the game on the public test server, such as changes to the level cap (when Shadowlands is released, the current highest level of players will be 50, adjusted to level 60) and a comprehensive new player experience . According to sources, the event will be launched on the real-time server sometime later this fall. At that time you will see a massacre, just like what happened on a public test server.

The specific situation still depends on Blizzard's plan. Now, Stormwind City has not been submerged by ghouls, but they are slaughtering everything that moves in the World of Warcraft Classic Gold streets. The result of this is that players may feel frustrated that those who carry out daily business operations cannot be carried out normally after the activities have actually started, because auction houses, suppliers, and even banks are not available.

In the discussion of "World of Warcraft", players boldly imagined that they not only found a way to make a large number of zombies invade the capital, but also wanted to make the entire Azeroth region uninhabitable. What is interesting is that the number of them is constantly increasing, and the players and NPCs killed have become ghouls, just like a real zombie plague.

Fortunately for those players who are worried that their daily business activities cannot be carried out normally, WoW game designer Jeremy Feasel confirmed that the zombie invasion part of the event is not always active, but will only be active for a few hours throughout the day. But, for me, I feel a little disappointed, because I think it’s very interesting to see that players must try to control all-day preparations for invasion, just like the infamous "Corrupted Blood" incident in World of Warcraft.

Players can also venture into the frigid wastes of Northrend, fight with the boss and obtain powerful loot. This is another part of the pre-launch activities in the Shadowlands in addition to the invasion of natural disasters. Not only that, players can also try new story missions in the game. If players are unable to do what they want during the battle, they can buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold on to get powerful equipment, which will have a better gaming experience.

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