I will believe it when I see it

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I will believe OSRS gold when I see it. Jagex has had a history of saying the right things, getting folks hyped not delivering what they said they went to deliver. Community complains, Jagex says the right things, claims things will change, people get hyped, then they under deliver. Repeat. Warden asserting stay tuned for the roadmap at January!!! and to be more transparent We have nothing and he's now said no roadmap has been coming.

We are currently getting updates, arch is excellent and all, but it was the January update that arrived in April. What about those 3 months? What about these patch months? The new pursuit was announced by you, kind of had to with the players that were miserable. It has was in development for months, until some mod stated it's in design phase in a twitter post. I'm done using the words. Show us you're changing and we're going to believe it. Jagex includes a steep road to climb, although I get it you were not here for it all.

I seem to bear in mind that back in 07/08, we often had months with no updates in any way, although I get that its frustrating. Big upgrades are nice, but Game dev takes time. And RS is its own worse enemy in that its huge! Imagine they are having to compete with today. For me, the issue includes them communicating matters, and being translucent, that has never been Jagex suit. Plus, a lot of the patch notes are actually good for RuneScape, with some of the undesirable updates through the years being improved, provided that they do not try and sell those as large updates, I don't see an issue, actually. However, the updates have to be good for upgrades to be sold by them. That's the only way it will get the job done.

I've spent a great deal of time working on this arrangement of the theme music from RuneScape. I tried to make the score look as professional as you can, and so I'd like opinions on it - particularly from those of you that are great with engraving or know the songs. Watch description - but let me preface by recognizing that there is a lot of information for the layman.

Overall it done, in my estimation. It appears to capture the soul of an adventure kind of motif, although I don't know the original. The mix does not do justice. E.g., sometimes a theme is not as prominent in your mix as what it will be in an actual ring. The figures often overshadow the lines.

Here's a couple quick comments: Quite a few, if any and I doubt will be effective at what you have written, if they do. Audio and changes that are fast to chromatic notes are hard to get harpists, perhaps buy RuneScape gold even impossible. It'll need to be coated by a pianist. You get an opinion and might demonstrate the part to a harpist.

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