MMORPG's Companion App is updated for the arrival of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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With the latest expansion of "World of Warcraft" Shadowlands will be released, Blizzard is updating the popular MMORPG's Companion App, which is precisely preparing for the arrival of Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands may not have announced an exact release date, but Blizzard’s new expansion has made fans who love this still popular online game very excited. In it's next shakeup, the developer is overhauling a crucial assistant to any MMO player.

Blizzard announced that the World of Warcraft Companion App will receive major revisions, apparently in preparation for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. Its big addition that will likely grab the most attention is the Vanilla WOW Gold integration of Shadowlands' Covenants and Adventures.

Shadowlands focuses on the new mechanics of strategy and added "Adventures", where players send units off to battle. Happily, the Companion App will allow gamers to prepare for these battles via mobile devices on iOS or Android. While Blizzard previously explained that the feature would require players to utilize their Sanctum in the endgame of Shadowlands, now the Companion App removes the required log-in steps.

In addition to the new way of interacting with the large-scale mini-games of Shadowlands, the app has also received many quality-of-life improvement lists. The app will update support for the latest major expansions including Legion and Battle for Azeroth. In general, Blizzard pointed out that the app will now have an updated "World of Warcraft" news bar, community features (including guild chat, event calendar, and the WOW Classic Gold For Sale ability for players to check their characters and weapons).

Although the release date of "Shadowlands" may not have been determined yet, players are experiencing some huge changes due to the introduction of pre-expansion patches. In short, with the expansion of "Shadow Land" coming this fall, players will face old enemies who return to Warcraft.

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