Vane pump adjustment

Relevant knowledge of Vane Pumps adjustment:

Relevant knowledge of Vane Pumps adjustment:

  1. The adjustment can be continuous and stepless, or can be carried out without stopping the hydraulic system during the working process.
  2. By changing the displacement, the speed regulation becomes volumetric speed regulation. Compared with another so-called throttle speed regulation, this method has less power loss, avoids system heating, and is very suitable for high-power systems.
  3. Although the rigid pressure-flow characteristics of positive displacement pumps are valuable to hydraulic transmission, they often contradict the requirements of flow regulation. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the original pressure-flow characteristics of positive displacement pumps. This is the task of the variable adjustment mechanism.
  4. There are various power sources and control methods in the vane pump that push the action of the variable mechanism, but generally they can be divided into two categories:

One type is to directly adjust or control the variable mechanism by external force or external signal;

The other is to use the pump's own flow, pressure, power and other working parameters as signals. By changing and controlling the pump's displacement, it can realize the feedback control of Fixed Vane Pumps flow, pressure, and power for automatic adjustment.


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