In case RuneScape does move on Steam

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Rather than RuneScape 2107 gold understanding how combat lvls worked and wanting mine to seem"red" (higher lvled) to people if they right clicked me. So I recall walking about lumbridge as a lvl 11, requesting people"whats my battle? Is my lvl reddish?".

And THEN at 2015 - I arrived back into RS(3) temporarily after not having touched RuneScape at all since 2011. So I went to grab some equipment, I wished to train a little bit of slayer. Bandos platelegs are something now?! And they're so cheap?! dank." So I bought them. Before I eventually realized that they were really just rune platelegs?? they were worn by and for a while (thanks to this RS3 graphics and me being high and most importantly, ugh).Runescape needs more players put RuneScape on steam and Epic games Shop

You understand these places both take reductions from their revenue generated by sales through their platforms? They don't do it and jagex is more than big enough to not get any special status. Steam take a cut and heroic require 12%. There is not any way they don't try to make money from sales runescape generates through their shop. So from jagex's position, they will need to know that being on these shops would make them more cash than it is going to cost to get them on and go through each of the logistics needed for that. It is probably better simply to spend money and keep the profits in house.

In case RuneScape does move on Steam, they will surely get enough new players to make enough money that the 30% are a non-factor. Can't speak for Epic though even though it is just 12 percent, they may be unable to recuperate the cost should they go on there. It might be pointless. Game stores give access but do not have.

It could be rapid short-term gain, however any new person wouldn't be anticipating this kind of game to be in the shop resulting in just F2P or only 1/2 month subscription. Then you may need to deal with the negative reviews that are very likely to come out of them since RS is a really slow build up to end-game content compared to the typical action-packed or speedy gratification of their other matches on the stage. Would being on steam automatically give enough money? We aren't just talking buy RS3 gold about the cut, we're talking about the money spent making RuneScape fulfill the prerequisites steam has.

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