How To Install The Trash Can Mould

The Dustbin Mould is our product, how should we install it after we get it?

The Dustbin Mould is our product, how should we install it after we get it?

  1. The trash can has three structures: ① trash can cover, ② trash outer liner, ③ trash can liner.
  2. What is the function of the trash can lid? ①First of all, some garbage has a peculiar smell. Cover the lid so that the peculiar smell will not spread. ② Garbage itself is not good-looking, it is just some residue of fruits and vegetables, which play a beautiful role. The lid also has a hydraulic port, which makes it easier to throw out the garbage we pick up.
  3. The outer bladder of the trash can has a beautiful atmosphere, a decorative effect, and a face. There is also a foot hydraulic device, which makes it easy to throw out and take out the garbage.
  4. The inner liner of the trash can is to prevent the garbage from overflowing. It is more convenient to take out the garbage. There are also hand-held barriers, so you are not afraid of rubbish on your hands randomly.
  5. The upper buckle behind the lid of the trash can is connected to the buckle behind the outer liner of the trash can. First, see if it is installed. Then try to use it. Then put it in the inner tank. It's that simple.
  6. After checking, put it in the place where the trash can is placed after it can be used.

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