What Is The Coating Quality Of Aluminum Composite Panel Related To

When we judge whether a processing is good or not, we can't judge whether it is bad.


When we judge whether a processing is good or not, we can't judge whether it is bad. In fact, its bad is caused by various reasons, and these reasons are not only one, but also caused by many aspects. The same is true of Aluminum Composite Panel, so what factors are related to the quality of aluminum composite panel ?

1. Environment

It is required that the interior of the painting room should be clean, with dust-proof, insect-proof and certain ventilation functions, so as to ensure that the surface quality of the aluminum composite panel is not polluted. Meanwhile, the process conditions should be changed in time due to the change of air temperature.

2. Raw materials

The coating of aluminum composite panel is the most important factor that can affect the coating quality in the coating process. Because of the difference between the batches of coatings, the unevenness of aluminum composite panel , uneven film thickness, and poor flexibility of edge also directly affect the product quality and application. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, it should be strictly controlled.

3. Equipment

The coating line requires the coating equipment to be perfect, and the coating equipment should work stably without shaking in the transverse and longitudinal directions, and the coating rollers should be finely ground. All the rollers of the coating machine run out in the transverse direction, so it is necessary to control them within the allowable plan, otherwise the coating surface quality will be seriously affected.

4. Technology

Coating process is closely related to coating quality, so it is required to control the relative linear speed ratio of coating roller, paint lifting roller, metering roller and substrate within a certain plan. According to different systems and film thickness of coating products, a certain viscosity plan should be set for coating to ensure smooth coating and promote the progress of product quality. The curing process and oven control of coating should be controlled as required, and should not be changed arbitrarily, otherwise the color difference and function of coating products will be seriously affected.

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