Product Features Of Planting Machine

The Vegetable Planter is composed of a frame, a seed box, a fertilizer box, a disc opener, a rotating drum, and a cover plate.

Ensure that the frame is not deformed during the planting operation, and the transmission mechanism is connected by a transmission shaft, which is safe and reliable. The wide opener is used to widen the width, which is beneficial to increase production. The seed rate adjustment adopts the structure of handwheel and gearbox, which makes the adjustment more precise and convenient. The side of the fertilizer box adopts a circular arc surface, and the bottom surface adopts a V-shaped surface. The seeding tube is placed on the side for seeding, which improves work efficiency. The structure and function of the Vegetable Planter The Vegetable Planter is composed of a frame, a seed box, a fertilizer box, a disc opener, a rotating drum, and a cover plate. The frame is made of high-quality square tubes, and all functional components are installed on it. The frame is linked to the tractor through the upper and lower suspension arms of the frame, and the tractor is controlled by the elevator to complete the sowing and transfer of the plot. The fertilizer box and seed box are the assembly of the fertilizer and seed metering mechanism, which adopts the outer groove wheel type, and realizes the adjustment of the displacement by adjusting the hand wheel and the gear position of the gearbox. (The longer the working section of the outer sheave enters the cavity, the larger the fertilizer discharge and seed discharge, and vice versa the smaller). The disc opener is made of 65 manganese steel plate.

Features of Planting Machine products:

  1. Easily adjust plant spacing and row spacing sowing depth;
  2. It is easy to use, dexterous, suitable for small area and inconvenient and inconvenient planting operations on slopes;
  3. The seeding wheel is made of special anti-static material, so that the seeds are not easy to stick, and the seeds are accurately dropped;
  4. The disassembly of the seed box is a patented technology, which is simple and fast, which is convenient for loading or pouring seeds and changing sowing methods;
  5. Special treatment for outsourcing the wheel to prevent the wheel from being soiled and reduce forward resistance;
  6. The metal plate can be easily disassembled to realize on-demand or drilled broadcasting;
  7. The same model can be used to sow different kinds of seeds;

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