Is Siomai Making Machine On-site Service Okay?

To be honest, it can be said that our manufacturer has done the Energy Ball Making Machine for so many years and rarely needs on-site guidance.

Is buying Siomai Making Machine offering "technical door-to-door" really cheap? Many friends who plan to purchase Siomai Making Machine always feel that the more he quotes the manufacturer’s ex-factory price, the more he feels it is higher, and he prefers some self-deception lies. Some sellers in Haikou said how good their Siomai Making Machine service is, what is the three-year warranty, and they provide free technical staff on-site and other skills. In fact, this is a clear truth. If they provide you with so much, imagine that the service is really Do you not charge any fees? Isn’t the travel expenses, wages and all expenses for the technicians’ door-to-door money? Do you think they are really paying for it out of their own pockets. It’s definitely not. The only reason is that these additional fees are included in the quotation. It's all included, and it's more than the actual increase. As a real entity manufacturer, you need to be creditable. If you agree to the customer's request, you have to honor it. If you don't honor it, it just talks about it. Isn't it deceiving Siomai Making? Machine users? So in order to let the majority of Siomai Making Machine users buy at ease and buy at a reasonable price, Siomai Making Machine manufacturers' unified quotations are Siomai Making Machine pure machine prices, which is what we usually call factory prices. So is it impossible to use the door-to-door machine without a technician?

   can tell you responsibly that the real technicians of the manufacturer are responsible for dealing with machine failures and repairs for customers, rather than teaching you how to operate the machine, some of them are unwieldy. Because our machines have supporting operation videos and manuals, the operation is very simple, and there is no need to send someone to guide the operation.

Because the regular Siomai Making Machine manufacturers have been installed and debugged before leaving the factory, they can be used directly without secondary installation and debugging. Even if the staff is sent, that part of the expenditure is wasteful. The technician will teach you You can spend more than two thousand yuan if the operation takes less than five minutes. Which one do you think is more cost-effective?

In fact, your concern is mainly that the individuals or distributors who sell Siomai Making Machine on the Internet are frightened. If there is no personnel coming to the door, the machine will not be able to operate. This is absolutely a fallacy. It is a burden to deceive consumers. How can a machine manufacturer not sell thousands of Siomai Making Machines a year? If every machine needs to go to the door to guide that much larger company, this is not realistic at all!

The product of Siomai Making Machine does not require customer cultural ability. It is basically used by customers who come to shaomai shops or canteens. They are all hard-earning technicians. They are definitely not high-end research technicians. Who would choose if the machine is difficult to operate What about Siomai Making Machine, do you think this is correct?

   If you just want us to send a technician to the door and like to spend the money, then add the door-to-door fee! To be honest, it can be said that our manufacturer has done the Energy Ball Making Machine for so many years and rarely needs on-site guidance.

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