I believe it's an issue with your specific unit

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I believe it's New Horizons Items an issue with your specific unit.Crafting was a cool concept to introduce in the game at first. But the deficiency of QoL features, really turned the mechanic into a chore more than other crafting-centric games. So I genuinely hope more of this game does not become about crafting in the future. Think there is ample area to evolve without making that system more powerful. For instance, they could introduce mini games, multiplayer content, more villager kinds and animals, deeper mechanics, mechanics other than just gathering. Not a match dev by any stretch, but think there's so much more that AC could be than another game that is crafting.

Since Nobody Appears to open the article to read and instead just remark based on the headline, then here's a few quotes:

"While this is the real pleasure of developing a string, it is also the toughest point," she said, adding that the development group had realised over the years which Animal Crossing series"cannot be sustained without change."

"Protecting IP is not interchangeable with protecting product specifications from guides. Games are entertainment, which means you will surely get tired of producing the very same items," she explained.

"In order for the series to continue to exist as a IP and for many people to enjoy it for a long time, it is very important to keep to struggle and change with the times."

Kyogoku said the series' coverage was to evolve its core mission of communication between players according to the times.

Series mind Hisashi Nogami subsequently shared some data on the game's player market, revealing that many of its players are in their 20s and 30s and that sex is split nearly equally.

"What would the people imagine if they had been asked what type of sport Animal Crossing is? I think there is probably an image of'a game where you can live leisurely with cute animals' and'a match for buy Animal Crossing Items young women'," he explained.

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