Solve The Noise Problem Of Petrol Log Splitter

Performance Built Log Splitter is a blade-type high-speed rotating crushing device, and the internal crusher is made of alloy steel.

   Performance Built Log Splitter is a blade-type high-speed rotating crushing device, and the internal crusher is made of alloy steel. The material is strong, wear-resistant, and cuts sharp and fast. It can directly pound dry and wet branches and leaves into wood chips or small pieces. The material size can be adjusted by itself. The practicality of the equipment plays an important role in gardens, greening and orchards. But after all, it is a device that crushes large pieces of material into small pieces. Noise problems will definitely occur during the production process. How can users effectively reduce noise pollution?

   When Petrol Log Splitter is working, after cutting, the material will bounce back into the machine and generate strong noise. We added wear-resistant linings to deal with the impact. The internal structure of Petrol Log Splitter is reasonable. On the conveying surface of the material board and the feeding hopper, the cover and the cover of the frame can be used to reduce the noise radiation surface.

In the work of Petrol Log Splitter, the feed speed should not be too slow or too fast, the feed speed should not be too slow, but the noise will be louder, the feed speed is too fast, the machine load increases, the production speed decreases, and the machine blades Also worn. It is to better reduce the noise problem in the crushing process, we should always protect and maintain it. Machine bearings are usually filled with oil, reducing noise can also extend the life of the machine.

   The rotating part of the Petrol Log Splitter needs to be balanced regularly. Before each factory, our equipment is in a balanced state, and then the clearance between the tapered bushing and the eccentric shaft is reduced to reduce the vibration intensity. Ensure the normal production of users. In order to effectively reduce the noise pollution of the branch factory, it can be said that after many tests, energy-saving crushing equipment has been developed. On the one hand, waste wood resources are effectively recycled, and on the other hand, the surrounding environment is reduced. Therefore, we can win the recognition and use of the majority of users.

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