Introduction To The Heart Of China 400w Led Flood Light Factory

The LED street lights of China 200W Led Flood Light Factory do not need to be embedded in cables during installation, and there is no need to dig the pavement.

At present, LED street lights have been effectively used in urban construction, road lighting, courtyard lighting and other fields, especially in the construction of new rural roads and remote and non-electric mountainous areas. LED street light is a kind of high-efficiency solid-state light source formed by semiconductor PN junction that can emit light with weak electric energy. Under a certain forward bias voltage and injection current, the holes injected into the P area and the electrons injected into the N area are in After being diffused to the active area, photons are emitted through radiation recombination, which directly converts electrical energy into light energy. China 400W Led Flood Light Factory is a solid-state cold light source, which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and long life. Therefore, LED street lights will become the choice of energy-saving road lighting. The led street light can work normally, and naturally cannot be separated from its "heart part"-the solar panel. LED street lamp manufacturers are a kind of solid-state cold light source, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, no pollution, low power consumption, high light efficiency, and long life. Therefore, LED street lamps will become the choice for energy-saving road lighting. Now let us look at the "heart" of led street lights.

Its "heart" solar panels. Solar panels play a vital role because the entire power generation source depends on it. During the day, solar panels convert the absorbed sunlight into electrical energy through a series of reactions to provide light, which shows that the position of solar panels is very important. In order to improve the service life of LED street lights, it is to improve the production technology of solar panels. Manufacturers need to produce qualified panels, and they also need to maintain the panels regularly in the later stages.

Generally, solar panels are produced using silicon as a material. The production process of this raw material is relatively complicated and has a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, only advanced LED street lamp manufacturers can produce the same products. Silicon used in the panel.

There are generally two types of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. The efficiency of solar panels is also affected by silicon materials produced by different processes. The purity of monocrystalline silicon is higher than that of polycrystalline silicon. Therefore, in order to obtain excellent photoelectric conversion efficiency, it is recommended to choose monocrystalline silicon solar panels, but its price is higher than polycrystalline silicon. The silicon content is slightly higher, but the life of the lead street lamp of this solar panel is much longer than that of ordinary products. In the long run, the price/performance ratio is still very high, and buyers must choose according to their needs.

The LED street lights of China 200W Led Flood Light Factory do not need to be embedded in cables during installation, and there is no need to dig the pavement. It saves manpower and material resources while saving energy. Especially in terms of energy saving, this country will add 50 million outdoor lights every year. If led street lights account for one-thousandth, it can save the country hundreds of millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity within a year, and its ability to save electricity should not be underestimated.

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