It's mad they made a live action model off the original

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After countless hours of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells filming and editing, we left We are Number One in Animal Crossing!Our switch broke down halfway so it took place over 2-3months. I have dabbled in movie and photo editing in the past, and with so many cuts figured it was a fantastic while simply capturing the match pieces to match the movie, then still having to cut them collectively. I shared this video with some Animal Crossing friends earlier, and also one answered they had noticed an AC/Brooklyn 99 intro video a week, also shared a link, did not realize that it was yours as well until I watched the channel title. Continue the fantastic work!

I'm amazed at how translatable the show actions were to Animal Crossing actions.Same and I don't have any clue what that first is from. Nevertheless impressed and entertained.I remember seeing my young cousin who's in school now watch that series as a kid, I had no clue what was happening. But after viewing all of the memes years later, I am glad it had been made.This made me audibly laugh. Enjoy your upvote

It's mad they made a live action model off the original.I have completely no idea what's going on here, but I could tell a lot of work into it and that is pretty cool.I never even actually watched Lazy Town (my younger sister did some so I know a tiny bit about it), but this was really enjoyable and a wild ride from start to finish. Great work

I am a grown adult and that I loved that show. It was over the top silly with some clean adult comedy added in.I got into a lot of child shows as an adult for my two kids. This was clearly one of our favorites but it actually surprised me how so many of Nickelodeon's displays were intended to be pleasurable to parents, too.Oh no! OP was just getting started in their Animal Crossing editing livelihood!

I can't imagine how long that must've taken, badly! Fantastic job!

My islands name is lazy town haha it's been so long since I have seen any mention to the tv show. AC recreations as a concept has peaked. Ain't gonna secure better than this.This is absolutely amazing!!! I had no clue what I had been watching (50 yo with no children here) however I saw before the end because I had been impressed.I appeared idle town shit cuz of the and dude those songs are cheap Animal Crossing Bells total bangers.

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