It is only a matter of time now

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Prifddinas is owned by the Iorwerth clan, a Zamorakian elven clan that betrayed Seren and another elves and took control of the city after a brief civil war. My guess is that with the yield of RuneScape gold the Gods, Seren too will make a look and we'll have a grandmaster pursuit based around liberating the city from the Iorwerth clan. It is only a matter of time now. I agree with most of everything you guys mentioned, but I think that the lack new quests is going to stop being a problem really soon, if it ever was a problem. And we've got the World Events too, I found that the Battle of Lumbridge an awesome event can't await the next one.

Thou know'st'tis ordinary; all that lives must die,Passing through nature to eternity. - William Shakespeare. When Shakespeare penned those words that he probably was not thinking about implementing the term to computer games, but the fact remains that nothing leaks death. Individuals, elephants, car motors, and even planet Earth will eventually face a dark death. Runescape does not escape that destiny. And not many people are denying that.

The reason I bring this up is because there are many out there that think Runescape is perishing. For example, as I'm typing this (on a Friday night) there are just 40,000 players online. If you started playing years ago, you're probably more accustomed to having at least 100,000 gamers online. These numbers make the situation obvious. With this being said, it's interesting to note Jagex's comments, or rather the absence of comments, in regards to the player decrease. Jagex has not really made a public announcement solely addressing the reduction and measures that are being made to counter this matter. Jagex also has appeared somewhat off the mark as it's made remarks about action. In a July 2012 interview, Jagex CEO Mark Gehard stated that there are"hundreds of thousands of Cheap RS gold people playing at any one time." Additionally in a recent news post a Jagex employee said that Runescape was"as strong as it has ever been." What exactly does he mean? If he means more people have 99 power than ever before he might be on something, but if he is discussing the game's action he probably has not been getting enough sleep.