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xangrui China 200W Led Flood Light Factory sorted out the related issues of LED street lamp post height

      Since its research and development, LED street lights have been recognized by many lighting units. Traditional street lighting companies are impacted by LED street lamps. The height of LED street light poles has attracted more and more attention from consumers. So how to choose the right LED street light pole and the height of the LED light source has caused many customers to have a headache during the lighting construction. xangrui China 200W Led Flood Light Factory sorted out the related issues of LED street lamp post height: different projects have different requirements, LED street lamp customers should choose the appropriate LED street lamp post height according to their actual employment needs.


       LED street light The height of the light pole will affect the price of the LED street light. The higher the height, the more difficult the construction. Customers will increase labor costs when installing LED street lights. Therefore, unless it is a special requirement of the project, it is not necessary to choose a very high LED lamp post.


       According to the light source power of the LED street light, select the appropriate height of the LED street light pole. Under normal circumstances, the higher the power of China 400W Led Flood Light Factory LED street light source, the higher the selected LED street light pole, and vice versa, the lower the brightness of the LED street light. Do not choose LED street light sources and LED light poles with inappropriate power for the sake of beauty, which will affect the lighting effect of normal light sources.

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