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Refrigerators are also called incubators. They are generally made of PP, PE, PU (polyurethane foam) materials.

Refrigerators are also called incubators. They are generally made of PP, PE, PU (polyurethane foam) materials. They can cool the contents of the box. When cold storage liquid or ice boxes are not stored, the freezer plays a role of heat preservation and is also called an incubator.

The factory divides the refrigerators into several categories according to different types of refrigerator materials: rotomolding refrigerators, blow molding refrigerators, injection molding refrigerators, customized refrigerators, etc. For more information, please visit:Chest Freezer Factory

Features of blow-injection freezer:

The insulation layer of the blow-molded refrigerator is divided into: PU foam and foam. The main thing here is the characteristics of the PU foam refrigerator:

1 Good thermal insulation performance, 3-5 times that of traditional foam incubators. The thermal insulation layer is foamed with new thermal insulation materials. According to different refrigeration and freezing requirements, thermal insulation materials of different thicknesses and corresponding phase change cold storage agents are selected to achieve the best The cold storage and heat preservation effect.

  1. Rugged and durable, long service life, according to the characteristics of cold chain home delivery transportation, cold chain home delivery boxes should be anti-collision, anti-dragging, strong and durable. The incubator developed should also have high strength, easy to move, cold and heat-resistant, aging-resistant, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to clean under different use environments.
  2. There are many varieties, complete specifications, many styles, free choice, according to different packaging unit sizes of cold chain products, different refrigeration temperatures, you can choose incubators with different specifications and different temperature zones with different heat preservation durations. Different sizes, different thicknesses, different temperatures, different refrigeration times and reefer containers for loading vehicles can be customized to achieve a high degree of conformity between the product packaging and the seamless connection between the product and the cold chain transportation conditions, reducing the space and Waste of cold source and labor cost.
  3. The use of styling, externally embedded temperature display, flat and beautiful, easy to paste and print the customer's LOGO, during the delivery process, it not only shows the corporate image and service content of e-commerce and express delivery, but also promotes the customer's cold chain products and professionalism Features.
  4. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, recyclable, using high-efficiency cold storage agent, which not only effectively solves the green and safe distribution of food temperature, but also reduces white foam pollution and carbon emissions.

Features of rotomolding refrigerator:

Based on the traditional ordinary incubator, it is a new type of special product that is specially upgraded and customized for the cold chain product characteristics of e-commerce express companies and the complex and changeable environment during transportation. It not only has good insulation effect, but also is super strong and wear-resistant, anti-collision, anti-ultraviolet, portable and durable.

Features of customized refrigerators:

  1. It can be customized according to customer's size, refrigerating temperature, refrigerating time and handling method.
  2. No need to open abrasive tools, save cost and low price.
  3. Light weight, good heat preservation and sealing, durable and easy to clean.
  4. The appearance is practical, beautiful and flat. It is convenient for companies to print LOGO and show corporate image
  5. Energy saving and emission reduction are not suitable for a green economic cold chain with small batches, multiple batches, multiple temperature zones, multiple varieties, and pollution-free.


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