Can it be quicker for me to legislation craft

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I also make RuneScape 2107 gold cakes, simply as it is fun to do something different again. I do this two ways. I make the cakes from scratch foraging to your components and then top with chocolate seen from the Cooking Guild or even Zanaris, or (a few times) I've just stole the cakes from the stall in Ardougne and topped them . Anyway you see it my cooking is pure profit. It may take a little more patience but that I waste no cash. Even the utensils and such I find, not buy (buckets, bowls, etc). This probably demonstrates what a cheapskate I actually am. Cooking is my greatest and most favorite skill. Good luck! There are also some respawns around of course. The above chocolate, and Abby's Dye Shop in Draynor contains tomato and cheese. Close to the Troll City is also a Tomato Respawn, '' I think that it's slightly south. I am convinced that there are more I haven't found yet.

I have 2 questions. 1. Can it be quicker for me to legislation craft using the abyss or routine crafting and teleing into draynor using the glory amulet? 2. If I would use the abyss, what should my outfit be not to be hit a lot by the abyssal creatures? At 94 cb, you should be fine to go in with pretty much nothing on, since you can't wear a whole lot in to entrana anyway. You might get hit for some damage, but nothing that you can not survive and eat in the bank prior to the next run. As you can't take a pickaxe, and both your agility and theiving are somewhat low, I'd suggest having a tinderbox to burn the boils, since that is by far your best chance to get in the interior ring. If you've got the bracelet for your abyss, then sporting that would obviously help, since your pray won't be drained.

One thing that is kinda new I will suggest is if a summoning is large enough (which I see is not ranked) would be to use an abyssal familiar as you go in. The large advantage for that is it will take a lot fo the strikes as you run through the abyss into the suitable spot to acquire in the ring, but in addition, it can carry 7 more ess. Assuming you have 3 pouches with you, that means 50 law runes a jog, which is not bad in any way. It's just 7 ess a jog, but it adds up, and the damage it offsets can buy RS gold help. I have tried both draynor widely and abyss. Draynor/Entrana only if you forget your glory, or have none charged anymore.


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