I wish they'd hurry up using more of this post launch content for New Horizons then

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The comments talking about Animal Crossing Bells devolution are just way off base. Of course if you don't like collecting stuff and functioning on your city a bit every day than you won't like AC. But it's good at doing exactly what it sets out to do. There is a reason my friends list is full of people who have 300+ hours at the game.

I have put countless hours into Animal Crossing original and city folk.

I really don't like to decorate, I love to collect. This game is not a good amassing game.

ACGC and City Folk were excellent collecting games. This game it seems just like Nintendo just decided to abandon that portion of their fanbase.

The sport that is left over may be better for you, but for people who enjoyed that other aspect of AC it is bad.

I have no idea how it's a worse collecting game compared to those two. There are far more things to accumulate and way more you can do with the things you accumulate.

Games evolve, normally. People like it, it keeps the IP interesting. AC has not done that, at all. It was great on the Gamecube, it's not great anymore.

I waited over a year for this game to come out only to get bored of it and stop playing entirely in 4 weeks heh. I'm probably gonna play pocket camp again because it looks like there's so much more stuff to do there with continuous updates

I wish they'd hurry up using more of this post launch content for New Horizons then. Where the hell are my gyroids? It is still missing a fair bit of content which has been from the previous game on 3DS.

Even then, it was preestablished that both of her parents also played on the switch, and with Animal Crossing specifically she needed parental consent to change certain things. I feel like that is a pretty normal sounding restriction to get a nine year old.She required parental consent to do anything other than decorate her home and"yard". There's a whole lot more to that game which makes buy animal crossing bells new horizons fun and getting punished because you chopped down some virtual trees is silly. Make her fix them, fine, but this is a sport so let the kid play with the game.


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