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 I'd like a nice 25 yard run and got hit in both sides (the opposite side I'm holding the ball) and it erupts out.Does your X variable boost work or Madden nfl 21 coins can it be only from the game to seem like it's thickness? I have drifting deadeye"perfect precision when standing outside the pocket" nope def do not have perfect precision outside the pocket. I turned Madden another day to keep my Franchise but the save files are sterile so I depart and re-enter the manner but the dates and occasions are wrong so I clicked it and it didn't save anything I played with 4 match I saw that the auto save in the corner but I figure nothing stored. . .WTF

(Stats and realism) I left another QB about the Panthers and I am about 7 games in and im manually saving after every match. As far as stats go it's still bad which is a BIG deal for me cause I like realism. I've Christian Mccaffrey on my group so I try to get him the ball alot...I play with on All-Pro and with 89 carries Mccaffrey includes 252 yards that's 2.8 yards a carry. I went to check to determine were other running backs were at and Mccaffrey has the smallest yard/attempt than any starting RB in the NFL he's a 99! . Like I mentioned before the drops are crazy and I think that it's funny they took the drops of buy Madden 21 coins the season stats since I really think Robby Anderson could have only as much drops as catches. I checked mid match (it shows drops throughout the match ) and Robby Anderson has 5 DROPS, and Delanie Walker had two so thats 7 drops in 1 half I'd 9 incomplete passes.