Why make excuses for your developers?

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The preview I read was touting the sidelines as considerably enhanced. I read that too but in the trailer that was released this morning, it still looks lifeless. It's not laziness, it is greed. Rather than EA correctly investing the resources needed to get mut coins madden 21 to be an authentic great game, they choose to line their pockets. I do not blame them, if they think that they'll make more money by not investing it in Madden, and relying upon the rubes who buy the game every year(regardless of quality), then more power to them. I would like a good soccer game to play, but there's ZERO fucking chance that I purchase a football game of the quality that Madden has been for the last few decades. Bc a lifeless sideline is what's important!! Not gameplay!

Why make excuses for your developers? Does PC get the Next Gen upgrade? No way lmao, if they do not that's absurd. I think its dumb too lol but that is my origin on it. The press release does not state they won't, however it does specifically say"next gen consoles" with no mention of PC. Surely they will clarify it someplace soon. They did the same to get FIFA 14 at 2013. The next-gen variant (to be fair, it was better for buy Madden 21 coins a number of reasons) was only accessible on PS4 and Xbox One. PC did did not see parity until the subsequent calendar year. This is hilarious. The press release does not say they won't. Your source regrettably says"These attributes, however, will only be from the PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection X versions of Madden NFL 21, not the Windows PC version."