There are certain tasks

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First and foremost, you Want a Black Mask. As long as you wear this, you will do 15 percent more damage, meaning you will kill creatures 15% quicker and save yourself food and possible bank trips. Eventually, save up slayer points to OSRS gold make this into a Slayer Helm. If you have not already, you also need to do the quest show that unlocks Proselyte Armour.

There are certain tasks that prayer is nearly necessary for and in the long term, this will be tremendously beneficial for you (in relation to saving prayer potions and thus bank trips and money ). For now, do not consider slayer as a money maker. Think about only trying to gain levels as fast as possible whilst keeping minimal or no losses.

Sell all your slayer loot for Super potions (attack and strength mostly ), prayer potions and various other supplies (you might wish to consider cannoning certain tasks). Furthermore, remember prayer and summoning as far as combat goes. Both of these skills are incredibly valuable towards slayer and so are actually worth training.

Your slayer loot can help pay for coaching these stats because acquiring 70 Prayer and 68 Summoning would help you out a lot. Don't forget to RuneScape gold buy loot all of the charms you'll get. A good deal of this might appear wasteful or unnecessary but if you think about it down the street, this spending will probably pay off when you are becoming whips and boots. Also notice that by no means am I implying to squander your bank on slayer. I'm simply saying use slayer loot for slayer supplies.