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The method of checking the motorcycle speedometer is as follows

The method of checking the motorcycle speedometer is as follows:

The number corresponding to the short vertical line of the odometer circle is the speed value, and the yellow pointer points to the current speed of the motorcycle.

There are two sets of numbers in the odometer, first look at the above set of numbers. This set of numbers can be cleared manually. The number currently displayed is how many kilometers have been traveled since the clearing. On the left side of the odometer, there is a button that can be rotated. Turn this button to reset this set of numbers.

The electronic instrument is mainly composed of a vehicle speed sensor and a digital instrument. The probability of failure of this system is generally very small, but if a failure occurs, the maintenance cost is relatively high;

This is mainly because the instrument and the speed sensor are integrated, so the cost of replacement will be more expensive. After this system fails, the main problem should be the instrument. Because the probability of sensor failure is small, the focus should be Check the meter.

Mechanical meters can be repaired by themselves, while electronic meters can only be repaired by professionals. Because users do not have the skills in this area, please do not disassemble them randomly to avoid unnecessary losses.

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