You can become a Void Wraith

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But after the initial attempt, you can keep on an alt by doing the weekly major assault, the biweekly lesser assaults, one Horrific Vision, and classic wow gold whatever daily slight visions you manage to squeeze in--people tend to just take a couple of minutes. You're going to wind up with two essences to your Heart of Azeroth mythical neck just from doing these measures, plus another if you take part in the Ny'alotha raid on that character.

The Worldvein Essence, accessible by conducting the weekly Island Expeditions quest, is relatively simple to obtain and has been recently buffed substantially, getting of the top essences for some classes.

Essences remain the stumbling block for alternate characters, but it's possible to get an alt in fair shape in 8.3, if not perfectly min-maxed.

You can become a Void Wraith, a rare mob in World of Warcraft, thanks to a secret recently awakened from the Secret-Finding Discord. It's a long series, finishing in the ability to become a giant purple evil wraith, marked on players' maps as a rare monster with extra rewards. You're going to be hostile to cheap wow gold classic both factions, and if you manage to kill some gamers before you are killed, you are going to reap a few rewards. Amusingly, players that kill you will receive the very same benefits as killing different rares, including money and azerite power due to their neck pieces.